Department of Classics

Are you curious about the roots of our present society? Interested in Literature? Archaeology? History? Philosophy? Ancient Languages? Ancient Religions? The world of early Christianity? Are you looking for an interdisciplinary major that will challenge you to master specifics and integrate them into larger wholes? Come discover Classics!


Baylor is proud to be home to one of the largest and most vibrant undergraduate Classics programs in the country. All our majors and minors emphasize mastery of Greek and Latin and vigorous discussion of the seminal and enduring ideas and questions. Come explore your opportunities with us.


We currently offers three Majors: Classics, Greek, and Latin. Students from other Colleges within Baylor may also pursue these courses of study as a Secondary Major. Love the material but don’t have time for a new Major? Consider one of our Minors.


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Special Programs

The Baylor Classics Department is home to multiple opportunities for accelerated study, undergraduate research, and experiential learning.

Latin Day

A day of fun and interactive learning events for high school Latin students from throughout Texas.

Baylor in Italy

Spend your summer in Italy learning about archaeology and Roman history.

Baylor Intensive Greek

Learn two years of Greek in one summer.

Collegium for Manuscript Research

Learn about manuscript or papyrus research in Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, Latin and several medieval vernaculars.

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Faculty Spotlight

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Meghan Diluzio
Associate Professor of Classics & Graduate Program Director
Julia Dyson Hejduk
Reverend Jacob Beverly Stiteler Professor of Classics
Jeff Hunt
Senior Lecturer in Classics / Director, University Scholars
Alden Smith
Professor of Classics
David White
Senior Lecturer in Classics